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Plug-in Remote Controlled Adapter with Dual Receptacle

  • Model: APT-1320

The APT-1320 is a plug-in remote controlled dual receptacle, with a load capacity of 1440W per receptacle. It is intended for indoor use only. It can control up to 30 meters away.

This product is easy to install and safe to operate. Simply plug in the receiver into the power outlet, and then plug the appliance (such as electrical heater, TV, fan, and others) to the socket.

* The maximum load per receptacle is 1440 watts.
* The two receptacles can be controlled individually.
* Wireless control by RF technology; no transmission obstacle.
* Maximum distance of remote can reach up to 30 meters.
* There are 256 codes for receiver.
* Easy installation, easy to operate.
* With UL, CSA approvals.

Power: 120V +/- 10V, 60Hz
Load: 1440W
Frequency: 303.875MHz
Remote range: 25 meters maximum
Battery: A23(12V)


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